Project Management

A multiplayer title developed for a 24 hackathon, organized by We were a team of three; Egemen Can Güler (Programmer), İbrahim Hakkı Uslu (Artist) and me. In Project Management, your purpose is to fulfill the “goal” (top bar) before your company is run out of money (bottom bar). As the game begins, you will have six projects which are contributing to the goal (filling the top bar). As time passes, these projects will have some problems which will be represented by a colored dot. To solve a problem, you will have to use a skill with a corresponding color. Players will have to talk and prioritize problems to increase efficiency.

To play Project Management;

  • Connect to the same network
  • Download the game on three different computers
  • Press play on the first one and wait for it to connect
  • Press play on other two computers and joint the game

Since this game was made in 24 hours, we did not have the time for bug fixing. If you encounter any problem, just close the game on all devices and open it again 🙂


Screen Shots